To the experts, football is more than just a sport, it has characteristics of a business with its players as talents, and a reputation to upkeep as of a brand image. A successful football team comes from the successful management of every aspect of the game.

The Professional Certificate in Football Business Management from UMCCed explores every aspect of football with the aim to provide its students the knowledge and necessary skills to transfer their passion and interest in football, into an entrepreneur career.

  • Broad knowledge on football business management concepts.
  • Understand the educational, cultural and economical impacts in the football industry.
  • Understand the challenges in the football industry.
  • Skills and knowledge in football and sport business to develop professionals for the industry
  •  2 Days per module
  • Weekend Classes

Modern Sports Management, Communication in Sports, Event Management, Facility Management, Sports Marketing, The Sports Business.

Certificate will be awarded by Malaysia Sports Academy to participants upon successful completion of each module.

Management of Event Management, Sports & Leisure Marketing, Taching/Lecturing, Sponsorship Management, Recreational and Tourism Industry and Health & Fitness Industry.

  • Registration & Admin Fee – RM50 (one time)
  • Single Module Fees – RM300.00

Contact our Programme Director : Mr. E.R. Subramaniam

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