Welcome to Football Central, your first ever online platform that was designed to centralize football information into one platform. Founded in 2018 by Prem Nair.


We are determined to gather and bring all football information from all levels through our platform. With this it will create visibility, exposure and easy access to all.

We will bring various types of services and products in football  that will benefit everyone.


To create an easy pathways and access to the world of football.


CEO & Founder

Prem Nair is the founder of footballcentral.my which he created single handedly in 2018.

A qualified professional in Information Technology ( ex STAR MEDIA GROUP ) and also in Football Studies. His obsession, passion and deep knowledge in football has led to this creation which he believes that will benefit all those who are involved in this beautiful game of sports

‘If anyone loves football, embrace it like your own religion. Treat your training session and matches like a holy day of obligation’

  • a message from the CEO to all players.
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